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Since 1997

Australia's first modern media agency

In the shifting landscape of media consumption, audience fragmentation, and digital platform monopolies, there has never been a greater need for independent strategic advice and implementation capabilities.

Traditional buying agencies are commercially dependent on relationships with publishers, and opaque methods of planning and buying.

At Customedia we offer fiercely independent strategies that are channel neutral and leverage the best value buying options in the interests of our clients.

What We Do

Media Strategy

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We were formed as Australia’s first independent strategy agency and that heritage is still with us today. We thrive in categories and campaigns where strategic thought has the most leverage. Think behaviour change, addiction, fundraising, advocacy, start-ups. Taking on the most challenging advertising briefs, our team give marketers and creative agencies the confidence their campaigns have the best platforms for success possible. We bring the experience of working across thousands of campaigns constantly testing, measuring, and analysing.

Customedia provides our clients with a fully flexible media buying model. Whether value is extracted via agency, direct, in-house, or bespoke arrangements, we provide the negotiation and planning framework to maximise outcomes. We understand that no implementation is purely transactional. Long relationships with key publishers and technology platforms help us ensure that there are no unexpected roadblocks between campaign approval and go-live.

Media Buying

Data Integration, Insights & Reporting

In a metric-driven world, our clients benefit from a focused, outcome driven method of campaign and performance analysis. It is increasingly important to independently measure and interpret paid media metrics. Above self-serving attribution methodologies from digital platforms, we help our clients build sophistication in their understanding of digital media performance and their relative strengths and weaknesses which are often left concealed.

Owned digital assets such as websites, landing pages, and apps are fundamental components of marketing campaigns. Effective measurement across these platforms is critical to evaluating and demonstrating the effectiveness of paid media campaigns and other business initiatives. We offer a combination of audit, implementation services across web or app properties to deliver creative measurement strategies and help digital and marketing teams demonstrate success for the business.


We exist because we believe that a dedicated and independent media strategy agency provides greater value for advertisers. We were the first to take this path and have remained true to our philosophy since 1997.

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